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My Marketing Plan

My 21 Point Marketing Plan …

My Commitment to You…


Our efforts on your behalf will be to obtain the maximum market value in the least possible time at a minimum of inconvenience to you.  I am committed to the highest standards of customer service and professionalism.


James S. Lowe, Real Estate Managing Broker Pledges to:


Prepare you and your property for the sale. I will:


  1. Determine the most likely selling price based on current market values.

  2. Create a custom Multiple Listing Service market watch for  your neighborhood.

  3. Discuss selling points and possible improvements to enhance the value of your home.

  4. Explain our showing appointment options.

  5. Provide a written estimate of your closing costs and net proceeds.


Attract buyers for your property.  I will:


  1. Ensure complete exposure through the MLS and the World Wide Web.

  2. Place a distinctive For Sale sign on your property.

  3. Arrange for an open house preview on a weekday for local brokers.

  4. Provide a detailed listing flyer for prospective buyers.


Conclude the sale with buyers.  I will:


  1. Work professionally with the buyer’s broker.

  2. Present and explain all offers to purchase your home.

  3. Negotiate the transaction.

  4. Finalize the purchase agreement.

  5. Work with your attorney effectively for a smooth closing.


Follow through after the sale.  I will:


  1. Arrange the inspection.

  2. Follow up on buyer’s financing.

  3. See that all contingencies in the sales contract are met.

  4. Arrange final buyer’s walk through.

  5. Confirm the closing date & time.

  6. Retain a file on the entire transaction.


The sale of your home will be my primary responsibility.  My communication with you will be on a continuing basis. I pride myself on answering every call.  I will listen and pay close attention to your needs.


“The Fine Art of Real Estate”